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Pneumatic Automation Controls

Automation adds versatility to a system.  Many control options are available.  Some of our standard pneumatic controls are:

  • Cycle Automation - This is the most common drill control.  The system consists of a "Start" operator to initiate the cycle and a limit switch mounted on the drill to signal the end of stroke.  The limit switch signal sends the spindle back to its' retracted position.  This cycle will repeat with each "Start" signal.  Options are available to start the cycle from a remote source, such as a PLC or to receive a start signal from an upstream operation.
  • Sequencing Control - Many applications are not a single step but require a series of operations.  Drill, chamfer and tap is a familiar multiple step operation.  Our Sequencing Control handles these multi-step operations.
  • Peck Drill Control - Deep hole drilling can have problems extracting chips.  These problems usually occur at Depth/Diameter ratios above 5/1.  This ratio is not uniform but varies widely with material type and tooling.  AutoDrill has a basic pneumatic peck drill control based on time cycles.  The drill and retract time cycles are individually adjustable.  A typical drill cycle may be double the retract cycle since the return can be rapid.
  • Clamp Control - Clamps may be necessary to contain the work for drilling. This usually true for all drilling except vertical down operations. Our Clamp Control integrates with our other controls to automatically sequence the clamp closure, drill and open clamp operations.
  • Air Motor Control - Air motors should be integrated in the stroke control to reduce air consumption. Our control automatically starts the air motor anytime a drill cycle starts and stops it when the AutoDrill returns to the retracted position.
  • Signal kits are for integrating our system into a customer's control system.  A common situation is when the AutoDrill is started from an upstream signal and must return control signals to downstream equipment.  We offer factory mounted industrial rated limit switches for "proofing" both stroke limits.  Optional switches, such as inductive proximity type, are available.

Options are available to customize a control for your project.  Some options are:

  • Foot Pedal Start/Operation
  • Two Hand Anti-Tiedown Start
  • Remote Electric Start Signal Option