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Application Examples

Fixed Pattern Vertical Drill Stand  drill stand

This simple but rugged in-line drilling fixture can be built in-house, or specified for outside fabrication, with our free application assistance.

Adjustable In-Line Vertical Drill Stand  drilling

When the drill spacings are in-line and constantly change from job to job ask us how it's done.

Angle Drilling Fixture  drilling fixture

Patterns such as displayed are difficult, if not impossible, to drill repeatedly with speed and accuracy.  Manual drilling can lead to a high percentage of scraped parts. Have us assist your company in implementing a permanent solution. Application assistance is FREE!

Simultaneous Deep Hole Drilling (Gun Drilling)  deep hole drilling

Deep hole drilling can be a time consuming operation.  The need to "Peck Drill" only serves to increase this problem.  Our Engineering Department has a control system that can drill from both sides of a suitable part at the same time and still eliminate the possibility of tool collision.  Please ask!