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Self Feeding Drill Primer

Self feeding AutoDrills are the answer for your production drilling problems. They use an integral pneumatic/hydraulic cylinder with a driven precision spindle to provide self feed and mechanical rotation. This allows simultaneous feed automation for one or many drills. The principle is displayed below:

automatic self feeding drill

Some Typical AutoDrill Applications are:

  • Multiple Hole Drilling - Drill one or many holes simultaneously

  • Precision Location Hole Drilling - AutoDrills, once fixtured, precisely repeat the operation

  • CNC Alternate - Use AutoDrills to replace expensive CNC equipment and reduce operator training costs

  • Multiple Step Operations - AutoDrills with their self feeding feature are easily automated to sequence multiple operations in less setups

  • Deep Hole Drilling - AutoDrill peck feeding controls automate this tedious operation

  • Small Hole Drilling - Self feed and Hydro Speed feed controls reduce drill breakage problems

  • Limited Access Drilling - AutoDrill's compact size and optional multiple spindle/offset heads are ideal for these situations

Automation controls complete the drill system. Basic industrial control valving produces reliable reciprocal forward and reverse stroking.  Many optional controls are available to handle most conceivable applications.

We offer free application and engineering assistance.  View the "Application Examples" page for some of our many successful projects.