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2100 Series AutoDrill

The Series 2100 AutoDrill is based on the Series 2000 AutoDrill with the addition of a Hydro Speed feed cylinder.  This addition overcomes the limitation of pneumatic feed control.  Two speed feed rate is standard.  The pneumatic feed controls the less critical work approach and the Hydro Speed controls the critical work penetration feed rate.

The Hydro Speed can be provided in any of three locations. This flexibility is appreciated when drilling closely spaced holes.  It also simplifies maintenance since it can be repositioned or replaced without disturbing the AutoDrill body.  The diagram below displays the optional locations.


    hydraulic feed control for drilling

The 2100 Series AutoDrill includes all the features of the 2000 Series Drill as well as the following:

  • Two Speed stroke control

  • Infinitely variable drill feed control

  • Clean hole breakthru where necessary
  • Improved counterbore and countersink finishes
  • Extended capacity with the precision feed control

The diagram shows how the 2100 Series AutoDrill is setup for two speed operation:

  hydro speed drilling setup